McDowell Economic Development Association, Inc.

Strategic Assets - Strategic Location

There are many reasons to call McDowell County home.  A quality workforce, top-rated educational system, community assets, and our strategic location provide a competitive advantage. Consider the following:

  1. McDowell County ranks 4th in NC as a percentage of workforce employed in manufacturing (36.8%).
  2. The recently constructed Universal Advanced Manufacturing Center provides industry training through the McDowell Technical Community College Industry Training Program.
  3. 2.5 mgd excess water/2.1 mgd excess sewer capacity on the City of Marion water and sewer systems.
  4. CSX and NSRR are both located in McDowell County.
  5. McDowell County is an Attainment Zone.
  6. McDowell County ranks 88th our of 100 counties in the level of fees and taxes.

Quality Workforce


Community Assets

Strategic Location